WHO SHOT MAMBA? is a full-length feature film, exactly how Cecil B. Demille and Howard Hughes and Brett Ratner imagined it – broken into twelve parts, and streamed on the online internet.

The premise/plot of WSM?:

When Merri Sherman is framed for the murder of his best friend, a charismatic snake named Mamba, he must follow the ominous, doom-laden instructions of the Prophesy of the Orange Roundie in order to unravel the truth and clear his name.

To clarify some things…the Orange Roundie is a magic glowing basketball that could destroy the entire world, one of the main characters is an inflatable gang leader, and in case you missed it, the titular Mamba is a talking snake.

And yet, reviews from IMDB say that “for the first five minutes the daftness is played so straight that you’re not quite sure whether it’s a comedy or not”.

Make no mistake – this is a comedy. That’s because there are jokes. In any case, the creation of such an epic started some years back with the source material, the somewhat eclectic comedy blog, YAYsports! NBA.

The process of doing a blog->script->screen transition was by no means organic, and actually warrants a substantial booklet, Prelude to a WHO SHOT MAMBA?.

It has a foreword by director/DP Dustin Pearlman, and was written by WSM? screenwriter and lead actor, Brian Spaeth.

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